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Bulletin 6: Penalty Rates

Dear AHA (Vic) Members,

Please be advised the long awaited decision from the Fair Work Commission on penalty rates will be delivered this morning in Melbourne at 11am.
The current rates under the award are set out below. The numbers in brackets represent the rates recommended by the AHA.

Monday to Friday% Saturday% Sunday% Public holiday% Additional holiday%
Full-time and part-time 100 125 175 (150) 250 (225) 250 (200)
 Casual (inclusive of the 25% casual loading) 125 150 175 (150) 275 (175) 275 (125)

The decision will be available to be watched by live stream tomorrow on the Commission’s website.
A direct link to the live stream is not yet available, however you can access the live stream by clicking on the link below and following the prompts.

The AHA (Vic) team will provide a summary of the decision for members as soon an possible.

John Sweetman
Workplace Relations Advisor