Bulletin 10: Daylight Savings Reminder – 2 April

At the end of the daylight saving period 3 am Sunday 2 April 2017, move your clocks backward one hour.

The Liquor Licensing rule is:

  1. Adjust the clock per the above, then
  2. Look at your liquor licence to determine and comply with trading hours.

Payment of wages:
What does an employer pay a night worker when the clock is put backward one hour from 3 am to 2 am at the end of daylight saving?

Salaried employee – paid the normal weeks pay for this week

Casual employee – paid for hours worked as per the employees time sheet. Eg, the casual employee works from 8.00pm Saturday night to 3.00am on Sunday morning with a 0.5 hour unpaid break (normally 6.5 hours). The employee is paid effectively from 8.00pm to 4.00am less 30 minute break = 7.5 hours.

A full time employee paid on their time sheet for say 7.30pm on Saturday night to 4.00am on Sunday morning with an unpaid break of 0.5 hours (8 working hours shift). When the clock is put forward one hour, the employee actually works nine hours and is paid for nine hours, unless the employee roster is varied accordingly.


John Sweetman
Workplace Relations Advisor