As a branch of TAA National, TAA (Vic) is a vital element in the Australia-wide commitment to represent the interests of accommodation hotels to Federal, State and Llocal government, commercial interests, the wider community and other stakeholders.

Accommodation benefits

Compliance Support

Being a member of TAA (Vic) ensures as a business owner you can focus on the hospitality side of your hotel, looking after your customers, providing a welcoming environment and we take care of the compliance issues.

Workplace Relations

TAA (Vic) through AHA (Vic) is one of the very few  employer bodies with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO). This MOU gives TAA (Vic) guaranteed consultation and access opportunities with FWO beyond what any other hospitality employer body can offer.

Industry Updates

TAA (Vic) provides opportunities for accommodation hotel General Managers to attend regular meetings and briefings with the key leaders of the tourism industry in Victoria.


Being an AHA (Vic) member gives you various benefits and opportunities.


  • Providing updates on key industry issues
  • Workplace relations and wages updates
  • Access to TAA’s workplace assistance kit
  • Provision of up to date information and education on current and emerging issues and requirements
  • Annual salary survey and market reports
  • Provision of workplace relations tools and templates 
  • Access to annual forecast on occupancy and yields seminars

Resources available to our members

Food Safety program

Ensure you kitchen is compliant with your own Food Safety Template.


Help with the day to day running of your pub with a variety of our templates.

Policies and procedures

Get access to contracts, house policies, inductions packs, position descriptions and much more.

Ready to become a member?