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Self Exclusion

The SEGO (Self Excluded Gamblers on Line) program was developed by the AHA (Vic) in conjunction with other bodies targeting individuals who experience problems as a result of their gambling activity.

Self Exclusion

Australian Hotels Association, Victoria – AHA (Vic)

The Self Exclusion program is supported by our EGM venues to cover operating expenses.
Participants of the SEGO program have read, understood and signed a Deed of Self Exclusion restricting their entry to gaming venues they may choose to

Venue Responsibility

Self Exclusion is an entirely voluntary process. It is an agreement the individual makes with themselves, for themselves. It involves no other person in
any responsibilities – legal or otherwise.

Although the venue operator is not legally obliged to enforce the Self Exclusion Program, their endorsement demonstrates a concern for patron wellbeing.

The venue operator and staff should ensure the availability of relevant support information for patrons within the venue.

For further information on our Self Exclusion Program please contact the Self Exclusion team on (03) 9654 3491 – 24 hour answering service.

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