WorkWell Respect Network (WWRN)

AHA (Vic) are proud to announce their partnership with the WorkWell Respect Network (WWRN)

The aim of the WorkWell Respect Network (WWRN) is to help workplaces build a psychologically and physically safer environment for all employees. Considering the needs of workers with intersectional identities, the WWRN supports workplaces in their ability to prevent and respond to gendered violence. The WWRN is made up of four industry partners, content matter experts and design experts. Supported by the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre (SZCC) at Victorian University, the WWRN industry partners will be hosting sub-network forums throughout 2024 that will represent their specific industries.

Gender-based violence in the workplace

As Victoria becomes more socially and culturally diverse, workplaces must address gender inequality as well as all other forms of discrimination.

Gender-based violence is a serious occupational health and safety issue. According to Work Safe Victoria, work-related gendered violence is any behaviour, directed at any person, or that affects a person, because of their sex, gender or sexual orientation, or because they do not adhere to socially prescribed gender roles, that creates a risk to health and safety. Types of work-related gendered violence can range in severity from inappropriate comments and gestures, through to sexual assault and rape. 

Research from the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) confirm this.

The, Time for respect: Fifth National Survey on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (2022) found that one in three workers reported sexual harassment in the workplace over the last five years. Furthermore, 67% experience negative mental health impacts as a result, and only one third of participants felt their organisation was doing enough to facilitate a safe and inclusive workplace.

Registrations are now open to members of AHA (Vic).

If you or your staff are in a position of leadership and are passionate about making a change in this crucial area then please consider joining.

To get the most from this network we suggest two to four employees should represent your workplace. Participants of the WWRN will be required to take part in a number of forums held throughout the year.

Each forum will provide participants with an opportunity to meet colleagues and discuss the intersecting challenges that are unique to your industry. Members of the network will hear from industry experts, and together with your colleagues, tailor templates for reporting, responding and adapting policies that you can implement in your workplace.