Women in Hotels


Speaking as one voice, AHA and AA (Vic) bring together their members to champion the success, progression and contribution of women in the hotels industry. Born out of a love of sharing stories, celebrating wins and supporting each other through the tougher times, Women in Hotels seeks to create occasions for like-minded people to come together to listen and share. 

We launched Women in Hotels on the eve of International Women’s Day 2024. It was a day for everyone, everywhere. Celebrating the many members of our community, of all genders, that champion diversity, advocacy and inclusion. The way in which we celebrate and live the values of International Women’s Day is evolving, and we’re excited to move forward with a refreshed and positive outlook.

As an industry, we understand and respect the crucial and varied roles women play in hotels. As we learn from each other, we look forward to even stronger innovation, creativity and leadership in the hotels sector.

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