Creating mentally healthy workplaces

Creating mentally
healthy workplaces

In an era where the workplace landscape is constantly evolving, organisations are recognising the importance of nurturing a mentally healthy work environment. AHA (Vic) and AA (Vic) have embarked on a groundbreaking initiative known as “Building Bridges to a Mentally Healthy Workplace.” This campaign is not just a response to the changing expectations of employees but also an essential step in addressing State and Federal legislative changes like Respect@Work.

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The Learning Network

The Learning Network has been developed and comprises a collective group of staff and employers who represent over 30% of the employees within our membership.

The Learning Network is a real opportunity for our association to advocate and be the leaders of such a fresh and commonly shared issue. We encourage all publicans and hoteliers to watch the Learning Network carefully and come along on the journey as we learn and assess what works and how this can be of value to your venue and your brand but most of all to our industry.

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Drive Performance with readiness

Born from elite sport in partnership with Swinburne University, Readiness can be used in any workplace to unlock performance. The platform provides leaders tools and resources to manage and uplift wellbeing, and helps unlock the potential of your employees whilst making them happier and healthier.

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Strategise with Liminal Wellbeing

Liminal partners with hospitality venues to create fun and productive working environments. Their expertise in workplace wellbeing includes strategy, management, and engagement.

With the help of their dedicated technology platform LiminalRise+, they assist in managing psychological hazards in the workplace, while enhancing overall performance and productivity.

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