Being a Member of AHA (Vic) gives you access to not only our team of experts and experiences across workplace relations, training, networking but to Victoria’s largest and most diverse hospitality community.

Hotel & Pub Membership benefits

Compliance Support

Being a member of AHA (Vic) ensures as a business owner you can focus on the hospitality side of your hotel, looking after your customers, providing a welcoming environment and we take care of the compliance issues.

Workplace Relations

Direct access to our in-house workplace relations service, which provide tailored advice on a range of industrial relations matters.

Industry Updates

We have been advising and supporting the Victorian hotel industry since 1941. It’s our job to be across all impacts on the industry and communicate these effectively to members.

Resources available to our members

Food Safety Program

Ensure you kitchen is compliant with the Food Safety Template.


Help with the day to day running of your pub with a variety of our co-branded templates.

Policies and Procedures

Get access to contracts, house policies, inductions packs, position descriptions and much more.