No tick no entry hospitality registry

The ‘NO TICK NO ENTRY’ registry provides a list of Victoria’s pubs, hotels and hospitality business that have declared they will only serve patrons who check in using the Service Victoria App.

The registry is open to Victorian pubs, hotels and hospitality business that declare they satisfy the  COVIDSafe compliance requirements, including:

  • Current and up to date COVIDSafe Plan;
  • Utilise the Service Victoria App for their QR code customer registration system, and
  • Impose a “NO TICK NO ENTRY” policy for all patrons

Registered Hotels, Pubs and Hospitality Businesses

Running Total of Venues Registered: 0

    Whilst due care has been taken in the collection of this information, no responsibility is accepted by the Australian Hotels Association Victoria for the accuracy of the information which has been uploaded any third parties. AHA (Vic) does not accept legal liability and is expressly disclaimed for any damage that may arise from any person acting on the information contained therein, arising from or connected to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information.