on being a member of aha (Vic)

For more than 150 years, AHA (Vic) has provided industry leadership, lobbied on members’ behalf and promoted best practice in hotel management.

AHA (Vic) actively contributes to the development and growth of tourism and related industries.
Within the diverse Victorian hospitality industry, AHA (Vic) membership incorporates CBD, metropolitan, regional and rural hotels and pubs, accommodation hotels and resorts.

AHA (Vic) adopts a planned and strategic approach to its brand. The AHA (Vic) brand is one of integrity and is vital to its continued success.

Whilst it is important that members take advantage of available opportunities to advance their interests through media platforms, it is imperative that members do not inadvertently compromise the AHA (Vic) brand.

Members must not use the AHA (Vic) brand or logo in a manner which is likely to damage or discredit the reputation of the association.

An equally important aspect of being a member of AHA (Vic) is showing respect to fellow members, corporate partners and AHA (Vic) staff, including appropriately representing AHA (Vic) at relevant industry and social functions.

Members and corporate partners are expected to be active in upholding the image and integrity of the AHA (Vic) brand and that of our industry.