Building Bridges to a Mentally Healthy Workplace: An initiative by AHA (Vic) 

In an era where the workplace landscape is constantly evolving, organisations are recognising the importance of nurturing a mentally healthy work environment. AHA (Vic) and AA (Vic) have embarked on a groundbreaking initiative known as “Building Bridges to a Mentally Healthy Workplace.” This campaign is not just a response to the changing expectations of employees but also an essential step in addressing State and Federal legislative changes like Respect@Work. 

The initiative focuses on assisting members in adopting resources and strategies that cater to the ever-evolving needs of the workforce. Peter Wade, Workplace Relations Manager at AHA (Vic) said, “It goes beyond compliance with laws and regulations by striving to eliminate psychosocial hazards wherever possible. AHA (Vic) and AA (Vic) are introducing their members to a suite of well-being tools designed to empower employees in dealing with various workplace challenges, from managing stress to improving sleep quality. These resources are a testament to their commitment to the holistic well-being of their workforce.” 

One noteworthy aspect of this initiative is the collaboration with partners like Readiness and Liminal, who have developed well-being platforms packed with valuable resources. These platforms offer insights into topics such as stress management, exercise tips, and even inspirational TedTalks. Members are encouraged to engage with these platforms to enhance not only their employees’ well-being but also staff retention and guest satisfaction, ultimately making their workplaces more attractive to potential hires in today’s competitive job market. 

One shining example is the Golden City Hotel in Ballarat, where Readiness is the chosen mental health support platform. Venue Manager Emma Prince shared her experiences, highlighting how the platform has positively impacted her team. Emma explained, “Our customers can feel the difference with our happy and engaged staff. I go home at the end of the day knowing that well-being is being looked after.” The Golden City Hotel’s commitment to employee well-being not only enhances the work environment but also fosters a sense of trust and connection with their patrons. 

Similarly, the Mona Castle Hotel and Ascot Vale Hotel have opted for Liminal Wellbeing as their mental health support solution. Taylor, representing Mona Castle Hotel, expressed satisfaction with the personalised approach of the Liminal App, stating, “We’ve got 6 full-time staff and up to 60 casual staff who all have access to the Liminal App. The personalised approach is what we were after, and I hast really helped customise our strategy according to each staff member’s needs, which is really important to us.” 

Furthermore, as part of their commitment to workplace safety and employee well-being, AHA (Vic) is actively advocating for legislation that aims to eliminate identifiable workplace hazards. This includes addressing issues such as harassment, unsafe work practices, and workplace stress arising from communication gaps or a lack of organisational justice. 

“Building Bridges to a Mentally Healthy Workplace” represents a forward-thinking approach to foster a culture of well-being and resilience in the workplace. By embracing this initiative, organisations not only align with changing workforce expectations but also position themselves as employers of choice, setting the stage for a more sustainable and thriving future for their employees and their businesses. 

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