Coming Soon: AHA Top Pubs Gear Up for the Good Friday Appeal 2024 Fundraising Challenge 

The Good Friday Appeal has been supporting The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne for over
92 years. From that first year where a total of 427 pounds was raised to the $23,061,320 raised in
2023, over $444M has been donated to ensure that the RCH can continue to deliver world class
care for sick children and their families.
The funds raised make a difference by supporting projects and medical excellence funding the most
up to date equipment and technology, innovative research, education and training, and all important
patient and family centered care.

In 2023, some of these projects included:

  • The upgrade of RETCAM. RCH Opthamologists use this tool to screen for eye disease in newborns, benefiting over 6,000 babies since it was first used in 2002.
  • Cardiology research – this transformative research project is the first of its kind in the world focusing on cardiovascular health in children.
  • The purchase of new electrosurgical units. In FY 21/22 the RCH undertook over 13,000 surgeries and these units are a critical piece of equipment in procedures across all specialties. Via an electrical current the unit provides heat to cauterise cut blood vessels. The units are in high demand at the hospital and are the latest technology in this space.

Every year, the RCH treats an incredible number of children:
During 2021/23:

  • Over 90,000 patients present to the ED
  • Nearly 45,000 children were admitted to the wards
  • 444,075 outpatient appointments
  • Nearly 85,000 Telehealth appointments

A Long Tradition of Support – Victoria’s Pubs and the GFA

In 1946, the very first collection container was placed on the counter of a Victorian business, the George Hotel in South Melbourne. This idea quickly caught on, the proprietor Havilah Uren told The Sporting Globe in December of that year: “This idea grew like bushfire. Generous patrons and publicans have since contributed many hundreds of pounds to the fund”. The Tanti Hotel in Mornington was next up, raising over 28 pounds with that first collection.

Today, there are hundreds if not thousands of Pubs who host collection tins and other fundraising events across the State. Both these pubs are current AHA members! Pre covid, Pubs participated in a hotly contested challenge to see which pub could raise the most amount of money for the RCH Good Friday Appeal.

In 2019, almost $340k was raised by the Top 10 Participating Pubs. The Royal Exchange Hotel in Traralgon has been the repeat winner (2019, 2018, 2017). In 2018, $582k was raised by 193 Pubs with $312k raised by the Top 10.

In 2023, AHA (Vic) is reviving this campaign for its members, launching the AHA (Vic) Top Pubs Fundraising Challenge for the Good Friday Appeal 2024.

Launching towards the end of the year, AHA (Vic)
member pubs can join the challenge to raise funds for the GFA and compete to be awarded Victoria’s most generous Pub.

It’s easy to get involved. Pubs can set up their own online fundraising page, run raffles, request containers
and QR codes to take donations, hold events, special offers and even point of sale opportunities.

Over the coming weeks you’ll receive a link to set up your page, and lots of inspiration and ideas to get you started fundraising. You can start straight away, and check where you are on the Top Pubs leaderboard throughout the campaign.

Winners will be announced at the prestigious State Awards for Excellence night in May 2024. Rebecca Cowan, Executive Director, GFA, says “The local pub is often at the heart of its community, and community is at the heart of the Good Friday Appeal.

We are very pleased to welcome AHA (Vic) and their members to continue a long tradition of fundraising for The Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal with the Top Pubs Challenge 2024.”


  • Simone Dalla Riva
    Head of Fundraising and Communications, GFA
  • Claire O’Riordan
    Supporter Relations, GFA