The Operandio Effect: Enhancing Hospitality at Riverland Group 

In the bustling world of hospitality, where every detail matters and the customer experience is paramount, efficient operations are the backbone of success. Riverland Group, a well-established player in Melbourne’s hospitality scene, recognised the need for streamlining their processes to elevate their guest experience. This journey towards operational excellence led them to embrace Operandio, an Operations Management Platform designed to empower frontline employees and optimise every facet of their business. 

Meet Kristin Allen: A Hospitality Veteran and General Manager of Riverland Group 

Kristin Allen, the Group General Manager of Riverland Group, boasts an impressive career spanning over two decades in the industry. She has witnessed the ins and outs of restaurant, bar, pub, function/event, and corporate catering operations, climbing the ladder ‘from the ground up,’ as she describes. For the past nine years, Kristin has been a key figure at Riverland Group, and for the last five years, she has held the crucial role of Group General Manager. 

Comprising six beloved Melbourne establishments, the group is a testament to the transformative power of innovation. Operating for 17 years under the visionary leadership of Richie Ludbrook and Dave Sharry, Riverland Group specialises in breathing life into existing spaces, turning them into venues that bring people together to share good times. As the Group General Manager, Kristin’s role encompasses setting the strategy, building the organisation, and steering the work environment. Her commitment to operational efficiency at the venues led her to explore Operandio, a decision that would prove instrumental in the group’s journey. 

Why Operandio?  

As Kristin states, “the decision to implement Operandio at Riverland Group was driven by a desire to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and gain better oversight of their diverse and dynamic businesses.” Operating multiple venues with unique offerings presents a considerable challenge in terms of consistency and accountability. Operandio promised a solution to these challenges and more. 

Integrating Operandio Within the Business 

Since it’s integration, Riverland Group has witnessed a remarkable transformation. Here’s how they’ve harnessed Operandio’s capabilities: 

  • Checklists for All: Checklists for opening, changeover, and closing procedures have been seamlessly integrated into their daily routines for both staff and management.  
  • Training and Documentation: Operandio provides a comprehensive library for training materials and allows Riverland Group to track employee training progress effectively.  
  • Audits and Compliance: Internal compliance audits are now conducted effortlessly through Operandio, ensuring that every aspect of their operations is in alignment with their standards and regulations. 
  • Maintenance Logging: While still in the implementation phase, Operandio promises to simplify maintenance logging, making it easier to address and track any issues or repairs promptly. 
  • Fridge Temperature Monitoring: Operandio’s advanced capabilities extend to monitoring critical aspects of food safety, such as fridge temperatures, ensuring that food remains safe for consumption. 
  • Food Prep Label Printing: The recent addition of an instant food prep label printer further enhances their ability to maintain stringent food safety standards. 

The Transformation from Spreadsheets to Automation 

Before Operandio, Riverland Group relied on spreadsheets and basic checklists through their POS system, which lacked the depth of accountability they required. Operandio changed the game for them in various ways such as standardisation, real-time tracking of the teams, and elevated standards of operation. 

As Kristin said, “Like any new system, there is a bit of setup involved, but the Operandio team help to make that as quick and headache free as possible. It’s really user friendly so there is not a lot of training required for the staff in venue – a quick run through of how to log in and navigate the allocated tasks and they are good to go.” 

In a world where every detail counts, Operandio has become the secret ingredient behind the success story of Riverland Group, a shining example of how technology can empower frontline employees and drive excellence in hospitality operations.