Pubs, clubs and football: How Optus Sport Business can supercharge a venue 

Sport is one of the great uniters – and in Australia, football is the sport that brings people together more than any other. 

As any Australian who stepped outside of their front door during the Women’s World Cup in July and August of last year would have seen, football fans are the most passionate in the world – from the boisterous roaring of the yellow sea of Colombians, to the thousands of St George’s flagged-faced English and of course the Green and Gold who came out in their droves to support the Matildas.  

It all starts from grassroots and shoots all the way up to the very highest levels, to the Premier League, European Championships and more. 

Football is the most-played team sport in Australia, boasting more than 1.7 million participants through clubs or venues, according to AusPlay statistics – a net increase of nearly 250,000 since 2016. To put that into perspective, it’s nearly double the amount who play Australian Rules and nearly triple of those who play cricket. 

In total, football has 570,000 Aussies aged 14 or over playing regularly, according to a 2024 study.  

And that’s where Optus Sport comes in. 

No one brings football fans closer to the action than Optus Sport, with a world-class offering of football’s biggest competitions, from the Premier League and LALIGA to UEFA EURO to the Barclays Women’s Super League (WSL) and beyond. 

Optus Sport captivated audiences Australia-wide with its comprehensive and award-winning coverage of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. 

It showcased the incredible talent and athleticism of women’s football and highlighted Optus Sport’s continuing commitment to delivering world-class women’s football content, which also includes the exclusive broadcasting rights to the two best women’s leagues in the world: the WSL and the National Women’s Super League (NWSL) in the United States.  

On the back of the success of the Women’s World Cup nearly 12 months ago, Optus Sport’s winter offering this year are two of the biggest men’s international tournaments in the world: UEFA EURO 2024 and COPA AMERICA 2024. 

That means football fans will be glued to their screens once again as Optus Sport delivers every moment of drama, every eek bit of excitement and every roar of triumph, from the group stages all the way through to the final. 

It’s the only way Australian football fans can watch Cristiano Ronaldo’s likely last ever major tournament with Portugal, can see if football finally comes home for England, and if Kylian Mbappe can take France all the way. 

The last time the EUROs was on Australian screens, Optus Sport broke the record for the most-streamed live sporting event in the country ever (at the time), as Italy beat England on penalties at Wembley. 

In the COPA AMERICA, it’s also likely the last time we’ll see Lionel Messi in a major international tournament, as he looks to lead his Argentina side to back-to-back glories against the likes of Brazil’s samba superstars. 

There’s all this to look forward to on Optus Sport, and that’s without even touching on the crown jewel of all football leagues across the world: the Premier League.  

It’s the most-watched league in the world thanks to its iconic clubs, fierce rivalries, star-studded line-ups, and unpredictable results that brings football fans together like nothing else. 

And Optus Sport is at the heart of it, showcasing every match live and exclusive across Australia, as well as highlights, mini-matches, and full-match replays to attract a diverse and passionate audience, enhancing the atmosphere and driving customer engagement.  

What all that means for commercial venues is simple.  

Firstly, broadcasting marquee live events such as UEFA EURO 2024, the Premier League, LALIGA and more will increase foot traffic, drawing in crowds of sports enthusiasts and create an attendance and atmosphere that will make fans eager to come back. It also provides an enhanced customer experience, with satellite broadcast, expert commentary, and interactive features. 

Due to the timings of the best football from across the world, it means extended viewing hours for patrons, giving venues increased opportunities to attract customers during periods which traditionally would be quieter, such as early mornings or weekdays. 

Finally, offering exclusive sports content of some of the most popular leagues in the world will set a venue apart from its competitors, positioning them as the premier destination for football viewing and social gatherings. 

And that’s how Optus Sport can help venues engage with a whole fanbase.