Global Gaming Women 2024

Back in February this year, if you asked me what Global Gaming Women do and what I will benefit by being a part of the organisation, I wouldn’t have been able to answer off the top of my head.  

Now? It’s fair to say I’ve drunk the Kool Aid and I’m all on board! 

Global Gaming Women (GGW) was created in 2011 as a development program by the American Gaming Association to advance emerging female leaders in the gaming industry. 

Initially launched as an independent charitable organisation in 2016, GGW now delivers high-impact programs and events to women in the gaming industry. 

In March this year I was fortunate to have been awarded a scholarship from GGW to participate in their 2-day Leadership Development Program in Las Vegas. WHAT? I was going to Vegas to immerse myself in all things gaming. You couldn’t wipe the smile from my face! 

I spent two intensive days and nights with 26 extremely talented, passionate, and dedicated women who work in all facets of the gaming industry across the USA. Their range of backgrounds, roles and companies in the industry was varied and every single one of them was proud to work in the gaming industry.  I think that was the most refreshing part of this program for me. Here in Australia, gaming can be quite controversial, it can be divisive and maybe there are some of us that don’t feel like we can be open about our love for the industry.  

I know I have made connections that will last a long, long time with a bunch of women I can call on for support.  

With over 7,000 active members across 70 countries, the organisation offers educational programs, mentorship opportunities, and networking events all over the world. 

In fact, GGW held its inaugural Melbourne networking event in April where over 25 women and allies from all parts of the gaming industry, joined us for drinks and nibbles.  

Adelaide is holding their first event this month and the working group for Australia/New Zealand (ANZ) is currently working on some exciting plans for at the AGE in Sydney in August. 

At our Melbourne event, well known gaming companies like Tabcorp, Aristocrat, IGT and Light & Wonder mixed with attendees from racing clubs, casinos, and smaller independent tech companies. 

It was heartwarming to meet so many people from the Victorian gaming industry from such a variety of job roles! We had attendees from compliance backgrounds, legal, finance, product development, analysts, business development and of course those working at racing clubs, hotels, community clubs and RSLs. It really opens your eyes to the myriad of job roles in our industry.  

I was really energized by meeting so many different people from different parts of the industry I love.  

Initially “voluntold” to be a part of the Australia/New Zealand subcommittee from an industry colleague, I have embraced the experience wholeheartedly and can’t wait to see how this organisation grows in our backyard.  

Events have been held in Sydney and Brisbane with Adelaide holding their first event this month. The working group for Australia/New Zealand (ANZ) is currently working on some exciting plans for at the AGE in Sydney in August. 

In an industry where women have been underrepresented, Global Gaming Women is leveling the playing field. The vision of GGW is a future of inclusiveness and diversity that benefits every individual in the industry. 

It’s time to get involved! Check out  Global Gaming Women – Home and if you are heading to the AGE in Sydney in August, keep an eye out for GGW, we can’t wait to see you!