The Operandio Effect: Enhancing Hospitality at Riverland Group 

In the bustling world of hospitality, where every detail matters and the customer experience is paramount, efficient operations are the backbone of success. Riverland Group, a well-established player in Melbourne’s hospitality scene, recognised the need for streamlining their processes to elevate their guest experience. This journey towards operational excellence led them to embrace Operandio, an […]


Building Bridges to a Mentally Healthy Workplace: An initiative by AHA (Vic) 

In an era where the workplace landscape is constantly evolving, organisations are recognising the importance of nurturing a mentally healthy work environment. AHA (Vic) and AA (Vic) have embarked on a groundbreaking initiative known as “Building Bridges to a Mentally Healthy Workplace.” This campaign is not just a response to the changing expectations of employees […]


TEMPO Kitchen & Bar Opens in Geelong Harbour 

The Geelong business and hospitality landscape is set to experience an unprecedented culinary transformation with the grand opening of TEMPO Kitchen & Bar, the latest addition to the Novotel Geelong offering. Situated in the heart of Geelong waterfront, TEMPO promises to be a vibrant new concept restaurant, redefining the dining experience and celebrating the rich […]


Leveraging Customer Profile Data: How restaurants can build authentic loyalty and increase profits 

In this fiercely competitive hospitality market, venues face numerous challenges to attract and retain guests while maximising profits. Fortunately, the advent of data analytics in platforms like Now Book It has revolutionised the way hospitality venues can understand and cater to their customers’ preferences. By harnessing customer data effectively, venues can create bespoke customer experiences, […]